Why you need an Event App for your next Corporate Event

Simple event apps can be key to a successful event.

Being able to establish one consistent up-to-date form of communication is essential to providing seamless, and easily accessible information for all involved.

Event technology is becoming increasingly more advanced and the opportunity to utilise apps to create a more productive and engaging experience is at its forefront.

Today people are constantly connected by their mobile phones, with users checking their phones up to 150 times a day. In addition, smartphones are driving app downloads with 268 billion app downloads predicted this year.

With so many people using their phones as their key form of communication, we outline how a simple event app can improve your next corporate event.


A Central Hub of Information:

  • Having an event app which stores emails, attachments, dietary needs, maps, location information and important FAQ’s is extremely beneficial. It saves attendees and event organisers filtering through hundreds of emails and attachments trying to find key information.
  • Flights, hotel information and transfers can all be stored on the app which makes it easily accessible.
  • Creating a personalised itinerary for each attendee on the app is a great time saver for all parties. It allows the attendees to source all vital information like flights and transfers quickly and seamlessly and saves you answering hundreds of emails when attendees forget or lose key information.


Offer Destination Information:

  • Offer attendee’s a sneak peek into the destination. Include photos from the hotel, activities the attendees will undertake, and must-see locations to give a glimpse of the destination.
  • Highlight the destination of choice by recommending sites and restaurants in the area which attendees can visit in their free time.
  • Include key information on the destination, as well as important weather / temperature that attendee’s will need to know before they get there.


Build Excitement Prior to the Event:

  • Send welcome messages from the hotel management and key stakeholders to attendees to spark excitement before the event.
  • Utilise push messages to send a countdown till the event. This will help encourage attendees to start using the app.
  • Create an attending list which can be viewed by all so that guests know who else will be joining them.
  • Send weather updates a week prior to arrival – especially if the event is headed to a tropical destination.
  • Allow personalised Itineraries to be easily built and altered by each person on the app so they can visualise how they will spend their spare time.
  • Create profiles for keynote speakers so guests can read up on who will be attending.


Store Necessary Information:

  • Emergency protocol and important FAQ’s can be stored and easily accessed in the Info booth.
  • Create packing lists for attendees to help give them an idea of the types of clothes they need to bring for the event.
  • Have maps of both the resort and local town / city so guests can become aware of their environment.
  • Store the entire event itinerary on the app so guests have a main schedule which they can refer back to.


Create a Smooth Arrival Experience:

  • Distribute an invitation message to guests upon their arrival to the welcome reception.
  • Invite guests to join social media pages or hashtag where they can upload all of their holiday pictures.
  • Offer an information page with essential information on arrival, currency, local culture and more.
  • Send each attendee their completed personalised itinerary on arrival.


Keep Attendee’s Up-To-Date During The Event:

  • Keep the event Itinerary up to date throughout the event and send push messages to notify attendees of any changes.
  • Utilise push messages to keep attendees informed so they know where to go and when.
  • Allow users to connect and collaborate within the app with the ability to personalise their own profiles, and be able to send messages and set up meetings and activities with other attendees.
  • Have an activity feed to share updates and pictures from the social media hashtags.


Keeping up with technology is key to successful events, and utilising an event app can be extremely beneficial not only to you, but also to the guests attending the event. Talk to us today to include an App at your next event.