Wise business operators have long seen the benefit of incentivising their teams, and in particular that unbeatable once in a lifetime experience that a well created trip brings to the table, enhancing culture, bottom line results and loyalty.

Many who have long shunned this type of program are jumping onto the bandwagon and implementing programs with huge success.

The key to loyalty is to continually motivate, show appreciation and build relationships.  People like to feel like they are rewarded, they also like to feel like they are achieving and part of a winning team or organisation. This will have a positive effect on business with increase in productivity and business sales.

There are several aspects which can be considered when selecting the winner; it doesn’t have to due to best sales, but a variety of values can be used in the selection process. Ensure the parameters, timelines and details are clear at the beginning.

Why Incentive Travel will benefit your business:

Increase Productivity and Achieve Business Goals:

Giving the opportunity to work towards an incentive trip as a prize will motivate teams to increase productivity and consequently boost sales and drive targets.  Customer satisfaction and increased business sales are highly reliant on your teams; therefore, it is vital to motivate and inspire to achieve your company’s objectives. Rewarding will stimulate effective work practices, create dedicated and productive individuals, motivating them to go above and beyond.

Remember: The more exciting and rewarding the incentive is, the harder people are going to work for it.


Create Memorable Experiences:

A lasting memory can be a powerful incentive. An incentive holiday can be a fantastic reward for people who usually wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive trip away to a highly desired destination – being able to give unforgettable experience is a priceless in terms of reward and facilitating loyalty. In addition, the more exciting and rewarding the incentive is, the harder individuals will work to win. Winners come back to the office after an incentive trip excited to share their memorable experience, in turn motivating others for future years.


Facilitate Team Building:

Sending your team on a holiday will allow them to share unique experiences together, and is a great opportunity to initiate team building activities. This will help both your team dynamics and also generate stronger bonds. Incentive trips also allow stronger relationships to be built as they provide an opportunity to connect in a casual environment outside of the office.


More Personal than a Cash Prize:

Giving an incentive trip prize will always win over a cash reward. Cash rewards are usually splurged on straight away, or go towards bills. In the long run, incentive travel can be more cost effective then a large cash sum; and also offers greater value then money alone. Incentive trips can be tailored to suit the individuals who have won; which shows compassion and loyalty, unlike cash alone.


Increase Employee Loyalty:

There is build up to the event once winners know they’ve qualified, and the motivations boost once they return back to the organisation. After several rewarding days, away people will return to the office refreshed and grateful from their amazing experience. In addition, knowing that another incentive trip is coming will motivate those who have previously enjoyed the experience, and those who have heard about the trip to work harder.


Tailored to Suit any Budget:

Incentive rewards programs can be tailored to suit any budget; the number of staff, the location and the program is personalised to suit you.


We offer exciting incentive programs and create experiences for your team that money can’t buy. Our aim is to create a package which excites, stimulates and impresses. Talk to us today to create an unforgettable experience.